Rental terms of the cottage

The landlord will follow these rental terms of the cottage and the following terms of cancellation. These terms and responsibilities will apply to both parties, when the guest has paid the reservation payment of the cottage.

Reservation and payment
The landlord will confirm the guest’s reservation with email or telephone. The reservation is confirmed by the guest when he/she has paid the reservation payment. If the payment has not been paid before the date of maturity, the reservation is considered to be cancelled by the guest.

The landlord sends the rental agreement, terms of renting, invoice and the driving directions to the guest. These documents will be sent via mail or email.

The minimum rental time for the cottage is usually one (1) week (during “quiet” season shorter periods are possible). The reservation payment is 20% of the total payment. If the rental time is four (4) weeks or more, the reservation payment is 50% of the total payment. 
Reservation payment will be due for payment in two (2) weeks after the reservation was made. The rest of the rent will be due for payment four (4) weeks before the agreed rental period starts. If the total payment has not been paid before the date of maturity, the reservation is considered to be cancelled by the guest.

A cancellation is always required in written form. The cancellation is confirmed, when the notification with possible attachments reaches the landlord. The landlord confirms the cancellation to the guest within a week after it has been received.  

Time limits and terms regarding refund of reservation/rental payment:

The cancellation’s reason or cause

The refund of reservation payment

Cancellation over four (4) weeks before the rental period’s beginning

The reservation payment will be refunded, reduced with 5% due to handling costs.

The rest of the rent is not paid before the date of maturity, and a cancellation has not been done

Reservation payment will not be refunded

Cancellation under four (4) weeks before the rental period’s beginning

50% of the paid rental payment will be refunded.

Cancellation due to the guest’s or his/her family member’s sickness

The paid rental payment will be refunded, reduced with a 5% due to handling costs. The landlord must be informed immediately about the situation, and the guest must be able to prove the sickness in an appropriate way.

The landlord will pay the refund within two (2) weeks from the accepted notification of cancellation. If refund payment must be paid to foreign bank account (and/or in foreign currency), possible bank charges will also be deducted form the original refundable sum.

If the landlord is able to find another guest for the cancelled period, the rental payment will be refunded to the guest reduced with 5 % handling costs (and bank's fees). Refund paid for this reason can be later than the mentioned two weeks.

The rights of the landlord to cancel the reservation
In case of Force Majoure, the landlord has the right to cancel a previously confirmed and even paid reservation. In this case the guest will be informed immediately. The payment, that the guest has paid, will be paid back with 5 % reimbursement. 

Picking up the keys
The keys of the cottage will be given to the guest at the beforehand notified day and time of arrival. On the arrival day the guest must give the signed rental agreement to the landlord. The landlord and the guest will check the condition of the cottage together.

Spending time in the cottage
The cottage will be at the guest’s disposal from the arrival day 16:00 (4pm) o’clock to the departure day 12:00 (12pm) o’clock. 
Smoking inside the cottage and pets are strictly prohibited. In the cottage can not sleep over more people than was agreed when making the reservation. Leaving or subletting the cottage to the third party is not allowed. Tent or caravan is only allowed to stay at the premises of the cottage with permission of the landlord and with an additional payment. 

The rent includes following utilities for four people: mattresses, blankets and pillows. The guest must bring bed linen, towels, washing- and cleaning detergents and toilet and household tissues. 
The guest will be responsible for the cleaning during the rental time and the final cleaning. The cottage must be in equal condition when the rental period ends as it was at the beginning of the rental period. If the final cleaning it’s not done properly by the guest, the landlord has right to charge at least 100 euros cleaning payment. The ‘cleaning up’ payment can also be invoiced afterwards.

Compensation of damages
The guest is responsible to compensate the damages that he/she has caused to the cottage or its movable property.

Possible complaints
All the complaints or notifications related to the conditions of the cottage must be done immediately to the landlord.

Rental possibilities
The cottage can be rented throughout the year. During ‘high’ season the cottage can be rented in week periods (one or more) (Saturday to Saturday). During ‘quiet’ season the cottage can also be rented in shorter periods.

Cottage’s equipment
The rent includes free use of the cottage, electricity and water.

  • Beds 4+1
  • Blankets, pillows
  • Cold & hot water
  • Electric sauna
  • Shower
  • Indoor toilet
  • Electric heating
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Electric stove oven
  • The dishes
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee maker
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Barbeque (charcoal)
  • TV,DVD